All girls go through periods where the world seems to have gone topsy-turvy: overnight their bodies change without any explanation, and rarely the way they would have wanted them to. Menstruation, body hair, stretch marks, blackheads and spots, breasts, hair...

The more you understand how your body works, the fewer worries you will have in this phase, and that's what Dr. Jairo Bouer shows in his 'Girls' Bodies'.

Dr. Daniella S. Castellotti was gynecological...


This book is different from those already published for couples who cannot get pregnant. The others merely explain conventional tests and treatments for the problem (Scheduled Intercourse, Induction of Ovulation, Artificial Insemination and In Vitro Fertilization). This work goes beyond those topics, describing Natural or Supplementary Treatments that can enhance men and women's fertility.

Among chapters in this fascinating book are: changes in habits, lifestyle,...


This is a book on a controversial issue that arouses the interest of couples and the curiosity of physicians.  It is dedicated to women whose eggs are unable to be fertilized, and who find it difficult to accept donated eggs, as well as those who wish to donate their eggs but do not know how they can do so.

It is an ethical book that explains legal aspects and describes the egg donor procedure step by step. It also...

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